Settemari is a tour operator which designs package holidays distributed through a network of travel agencies. It operates from the most important airports in North Italy and has been increasing its business also from the South, in order to cover all the Italian market.

The company started operating in 1982. It began with a small brochure offering package holidays in Sicily for senior clients. Today Settemari offers a hotel management company and owns the following three brands:

  • Settemari - brand whose main products are resorts located in the Mediterranean Sea (Spain, Greece, Tunisia), in the Red Sea (Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam), in the Canary Islands (Tenerife and Fuerteventura) and in Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) -
  • Amo il Mondo - a specific division dedicated to long-haul holidays and specialized in holidays to Indo-Chinese Peninsula, Indian Ocean, Africa, Australia, Pacific Ocean and United States –
  • LeBlond - brand for young customers which offers a specific programme in destinations like Mykonos and Ibiza. In addition to the traditional package, LeBlond offers also entertainments activities for customers
  • Floriana Hotels&Resort - hotel management company created in 2006 in order to offer a high-quality product through the control of the different services. The company activities are currently in Egypt. It consists of Floriana Hotel Egypt, for a total of 3 resorts in Marsa Alam -


The tour operator is currently one of the most important TO for the outgoing Italian market. In the last 3 years about 500.000 tourists travelled with Settemari.

Settemari is one of the founding members of the Tour Operators' Initiative for Sustainable Tourism Development (TOI).


Summary table of actions

Customer awareness

  • Information on responsible tourism is included in Settemari’s catalogues and web-site.
  • Settemari TO runs training programs for local staff on how to best communicate sustainable tourism's good practices to customers.
  • Through the TOI, Settemari supports the Child Protection Code Organization which developed international programs to protect children against sexual exploitation in travel and tourism.
  • For the period 2011-2014, Settemari is a direct sponsor of the Scuba Tourism for the Environment (STE) Project. Furthermore, in Marsa Alam Floriana Resort, an Italian biologist is undertaking environmental educational activities for clients (during snorkelling and diving excursions with adults, at the miniclub with children).
  • In the SettemariClub Marpunta on Alonissos Island-Greece, a naturalist Italian guide stays all the summer season in the hotel to pilot a specific program which is concentrated on the discovery of one of the most important marine park in Greece. Settemari organizes excursions, meetings, welcome drinks, miniclub activities in this small greek resort, with the collaboration of an important Italian association (Natour), which developed the concept of “biowatching”.
  • To remain in the concept of environmental education Settemari is closely working with Kenya, symbol of Africa’s wealth of animals. Settemari is closely working with an important Italian association, AIEA, and is delivering financial contributions to help the work of this Association. The experts working for AIEA, based in Kenya, are Italians, who have chosen to protect this fragile area taking into consideration the following principles:
    • Organizing the safari tours and excursions with the main aim of protecting the nature
    • Promoting Africa and giving information to other associations in Italy
    • Providing trainings to local guides, in order to explain them the importance of eco-tourism, respecting fauna and flora and local communities
    • Proving support for emergency situations with an Animal Rescue Team

  • Settemari raises children's environmental protection awareness at miniclubs. The theme of all miniclubs’ activities is “The Nature”, with a specific program called “I Pirati alla Scoperta della Natura” (Pirates discovering the Nature) that is:
    • All its “Piratesse” (Settemari staff working in the miniclub) follow a specific training on environmental education, sopported by the important Italian Association Natour
    • Games, pictures, images, drawing, etc. are inspired by the environment
    • Once a day, children are in direct contact with the nature with little “excursions” organized in a didactic way
    • “Musical education” = how to hear the Nature (sound of the sea, the sand, the wind, etc.)
    • At the end of their holidays, children explain to their parents how to protect the environment - on holidays and at home

Internal Management

  • Waste separation is implemented at Settemari head office in Turin and in Floriana's resorts in the Red Sea – e.g. toner, paper, card and plastic.
  • Newsletters are distributed electronically instead of printed.
  • Settemari brochures are printed on PEFC paper (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes).
  • From 2010, a team of Settemari's employees is doing volunteer work to develop different projects on sustainable tourism.

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